Saturday, April 10, 2010

stupid elections!

last night i went to our school carnival and i had been running for principal for the day. and people were being really mean. one person named hannah mcclain ( bluh i cant even stand to type her name) said to me when she looked in the voting box she only saw one with my name on it. well i was okay for a while until i thought about it then i started crying.then i stopped and started playing games again then this boy at one of the games i went to said " katy your not gonna win." that just brought back the tears. that jerkface was named connor laeman. yep hes pretty lame. one of my friends made hannah mcclain ( eww gross!) say sorry to me. she made up some lie about it though. but i did not win its a good thing too because one of my friends promised my math teacher a raise if i won! so its kind of a good thing. but the boy that did win , won because of he promised extra recess. and so if he does not do that i an gonna complain.we were not supposed to promise anything! if we were allowed to then i would have given every one recess for the entire day! and the worst thing is that the main reason he won was because he is popular. well that put a stop to student elections for me!


  1. the person that won by the way is named noah vaughn.

  2. i think i will give up cause i dont want to cry that much again.