Saturday, April 24, 2010

chapter three

chapter four
club taco
my parents called another family meeting! it could be that we were moving. i knew that. i thought maybe we were going on a good vacation. but it was this.......
" were buying club taco!" said mom ecstatically.
" oh i thought it was some thing else good." i said. it was the moving thing not the vacation thing. but club taco is cool. i go there every once in a while.
" there is an extra surprise " dad said.
" what is it?" the twins screamed in question.
'holly and teddy if they want to can work there, he replied.
"yes!" we both screamed.
before we could work there we had to clean it up paint it and stuff. so the next Saturday we got to parents said they help us but if we wanted to work there we had to help clean up.
" okay teddy you are cleaning the bathrooms. i will help you with the toilets," ordered dad.
" what do we do?" asked Lucy.
" well you can be my personal assistants," replied teddy.
" do we get paid?" asked lulu.
" no but i will buy ice cream afterwards," teddy said back.
" deal!" they screamed.
while they were making a "deal", i was exploring. once when i was at bubbas' house and we were playing outside. then i saw something shiny, i thought it was a diamond but it turned out to be a rock. i ended up with poison ivy. but it was totally worth it. its my lucky rock now. back to exploring the club i know i'm not supposed but i decided to go into the bathroom. i just had to see what it looked like but as soon as i got in there i got out. it was so weird in there! they had an extra toilet in there! enough about that though. my job was to clean off the tables we bought. they weren't really new we bought them off craigslist. so i was cleaning them when the twins walked in and told me they were fired from their helping job. i asked why and they said because they washed their hands in the boys room. when they told me that i said so what. and they told me in it was not in a sink. it was in the...
extra toilet!
and i said, "no wonder".
then they asked if they could help me. i said i would not be able to pay them with any thing.they said they were just fine with that.
while they were cleaning one of the tables lulu found a piece of gum under the table and started chewing it. which made Lucy and her weak stomach puke. and so then i had to clean all the tables and the puke.that is about my favorite thing to do. no. my favorite hobby is dancing. well then i did not feel too good and had to sit down. and of course of all the times he could come check on me now of all times. dad came in and saw me sitting down and said "get back to work."
oh well looks like my first paycheck is already pretty low.
well pretty soon we left. and got back to our house.

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