Sunday, March 28, 2010

church and stuff

today in church we were learning about abram and lot and no one else really knew about them so i explained about them. they did not really get along and so abram and lot decided to go separate ways there was one place that had water and was green and lot chose that one. but at one point in the story i said that lot and abram fought alot... then a few seconds later we realized what i had said. and we were laughing like crazy. it was a dumb pun but i will never forget today at church... wait a minute what day is it? no seriously what day is it?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

roller skating party

i went to a roller skating party last night. it was awesome! i learned to roller skate. and that is pretty much it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

olympic games

i thought of a new olympic game. you take a medium sized ball and then you find a counter and put the ball on the edge of the counter then put your stomach on the ball and just start turning. if there is more than one person then you and the other person can see who does it quicker. that is called ... idk. i will put a poll on here so you can decide the name. well audios


those pics are so sweet we need more i am sorry but we wont see her for a little while... so it would be so cool if you put more pics on there! PLEASE?! PLEASE?! PLEASE?! PLEASE?! PLEASE?!


we got back last night. and i am bored to death.i wish heather would put more pics on your blog. i cant wait til i am a sixth grader then i can get away from my only have twenty something days to vote on my poll thing. i am writing a church story. it would be cool if it would get published.probaly wont. i am going to die of bordem ( is that how you spell it? i have no idea.) i want to got to paulinas house.well blah findoofer

Saturday, March 20, 2010

random stuff

i am so excited for heather and trevor and james and katelynn.(sorry for the way i spelt it in other posts.) tomorrow we will go back to kansas i am glad to be going back but sad to be leaving.i cant wait til our roller skatin party. we are having one in kansas i dont know when but soon. in may i will be in a show you guys probaly know about it. i might put a video of our dances on here.i am gonna be in the front in one of the dances.i am so a bee i better buzz off.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

congrats heather and trevor!

congrats heather, trevor, and james!i cant wait to figure out her name!she is 8 hours old right now!i cant wait to stay there during the summer!remember kaitlyn grace i would like it if you named her probaly dont check my blog out very much ... but that would be is a play i might write.
important person 1:i would like to make a toast....
important person 2: would you like jam with that?
important person 1: to grape jelly!
i hope you like it!i have a stuffed animal for kaitlyn grace(if that is gonna be her name.)it is a teddy bear. tell her to share it with james.i hope you name her kaitlyn grace.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back from palo duro canyon

i just came back from palo duro canyon and boy was it FUN. speaking of boys we were getting out of a cave and then a boy called us wimps and then we left the cave and heard a scream. it was that stupid boy.turns out he cut his lip on a rock. it was DISGUSTING!

what i am doing to day.

today i am going to palo duro canyon to go hiking.i am going to hike to this will be with brittney and sigh maddie.oh tell me what you think about my fish.neat huh. if you want to know how to do that just comment or go to twitter.wish me luck so that i dont get pushed off a cliff.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

what i did today

i know i just posted but here is what i did today.
1.i got read avalon.then went and ate breakfast.
2.i packed and got dressed.
3.i put my stuff in the car.
4.and soon we left. I watched a cinderella story.
5.when we got back to Hereford we went to Brittneys house and her mom took everyone to brush of paint.i painted a plate with giraffe spots and zebra stripes.
6.we went to get ice cream at Braums.
7.went back to Brittneys house. watched part of a movie.
8.i did a little bit of gymnastics.
and soon i came back to Grammys house.
that is all i did so far today.
we got back from grandmas and here is what we did there.well first we learned how to play skip-bo .then we went to the other building. and soon we were going loopy.we talked about harry potter puppet pals they are awesome.and while we were going loopy we were watching a movie talking about boys. then on monday we played skip-bo and ate food. then we ate then we did the best thing of all... make overs! lexy insisted on doing hers last. so she did brittneys first. then brittney did mine. lexy did her own lipstick and looked like the was so weird. oh and yesterday i learned that i am gonna turn into a brown and green liger, my new name is gonna be potato, i will have a pet goat 20 kids and i will live in a shack... hopefully a big one!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

it is so cool to have a blog. Tell people you know about my blog please. we are gonna go pick up my friends soon so we can go to logan new mexico.i will blog about that later maybe with my friends.that ould be a real treat.
hi this my first blog so you know.... well i might not do the best job. so please dont leave mean comments.oh well we are in hereford texas and soon we are gonna go to logan new mexico.yippee!what makes it even better is i get to bring 2 friends Lexy and Brittney. i have no i dea what so ever we are gonna do. i should probaly stop right now. see you later.