Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new blog i love

theres this blog i found yesterday and i love it!!!! its web address is http://undermypolkadotumbrella.blogspot.com/search/label/LDS

its so cute i entered one of its contests yesterday accidentally i put my comment in all capitol letters. oops well you should check it out.

orchestra club

so today i went to orchestra club and it was the first day and they said so today it will end at 4:15 so i texted my mother that and then we went over rules and he said
  • " no cellphones during this time"
  • " no gum or candy or drinks"
the last one makes me really mad because he was drinking coffee, so that was really stupid of him to say that when he is standing there drinking coffee. then the next thing that was stupid was after they asked us if we had any questions and then after they answered them they said well thats it. see you thursday. it was 3:28!!!!!! so of course i was mad because they had even written the times on the board! well luckily my mom was in town so i didn't have to wait very long. i think i will try to finish it but i don't know because if the teachers that stupid all year long then i don't think i will finish it. well i will see how it goes thursday. oh and i'm the only 6th grader in it too.