Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The boy who wanted coal for christmas


Dear Santa,

All i would like for Christmas this year is food for my family,and a job for my dad. i know u r busy and everything but i really just want that for Christmas. and if possible maybe just get one present for my brothers and sisters each but you don't have to. but it would be nice.
Sincerely Brandon Smiths


" Hey, job boy you know what u r getting for Christmas? Coal thats what cause you will need something to keep your house warm when it snows." said Jackson, the big jerk that everyone hated.
He called Brandon job boy because his dad was out of work. And Jack knew that because his dad was the boss of the company Brandons dad had worked for.
Brandon just ignored him because he knew he just said that so he could feel better about himself. His mom had ran away when he was two.
" Hey you little kid you wanna hear a secret?" Brandon ran over to the big fifth graders.
He motioned for Brandon to lean closer to him, so Brandon did.
" Do you believe in Santa Claus?" Brandon nodded. " well dont he is not real."
At that brandon ran away. he ran to his class. He sat there and tried not to cry. he waited until class was over for recess then he went up to the teacher and asked her if santa was real and she said yes of course why would u even think that. And he told her why. And she said she would take care of this.
And the next morning there was an annoucement and the fifth graders voice came on and said " i am sorry for saying that santa claus is not real he is real i am sorry" then it went off.