Saturday, April 24, 2010


easter egg hunt.
easter egg basket
coloring easter eggs
helping with the dishes
amy and kaitlynn

moms trip to idaho

this is heather and her baby kaitlynn.

chapter three

chapter four
club taco
my parents called another family meeting! it could be that we were moving. i knew that. i thought maybe we were going on a good vacation. but it was this.......
" were buying club taco!" said mom ecstatically.
" oh i thought it was some thing else good." i said. it was the moving thing not the vacation thing. but club taco is cool. i go there every once in a while.
" there is an extra surprise " dad said.
" what is it?" the twins screamed in question.
'holly and teddy if they want to can work there, he replied.
"yes!" we both screamed.
before we could work there we had to clean it up paint it and stuff. so the next Saturday we got to parents said they help us but if we wanted to work there we had to help clean up.
" okay teddy you are cleaning the bathrooms. i will help you with the toilets," ordered dad.
" what do we do?" asked Lucy.
" well you can be my personal assistants," replied teddy.
" do we get paid?" asked lulu.
" no but i will buy ice cream afterwards," teddy said back.
" deal!" they screamed.
while they were making a "deal", i was exploring. once when i was at bubbas' house and we were playing outside. then i saw something shiny, i thought it was a diamond but it turned out to be a rock. i ended up with poison ivy. but it was totally worth it. its my lucky rock now. back to exploring the club i know i'm not supposed but i decided to go into the bathroom. i just had to see what it looked like but as soon as i got in there i got out. it was so weird in there! they had an extra toilet in there! enough about that though. my job was to clean off the tables we bought. they weren't really new we bought them off craigslist. so i was cleaning them when the twins walked in and told me they were fired from their helping job. i asked why and they said because they washed their hands in the boys room. when they told me that i said so what. and they told me in it was not in a sink. it was in the...
extra toilet!
and i said, "no wonder".
then they asked if they could help me. i said i would not be able to pay them with any thing.they said they were just fine with that.
while they were cleaning one of the tables lulu found a piece of gum under the table and started chewing it. which made Lucy and her weak stomach puke. and so then i had to clean all the tables and the puke.that is about my favorite thing to do. no. my favorite hobby is dancing. well then i did not feel too good and had to sit down. and of course of all the times he could come check on me now of all times. dad came in and saw me sitting down and said "get back to work."
oh well looks like my first paycheck is already pretty low.
well pretty soon we left. and got back to our house.

Friday, April 23, 2010

chapter two

fun in the sun
chapter two
" at least we get to have some fun before we go to Salt Lake in October." said teddy
she was laying on a lawn chair in some shorts and an undershirt. it's summer now. during that meeting it was may.lulu and Lucy were trying to make a sandcastle. i don't think it is gonna work though. because there using grass. everything they would get a couple inches high James would sit on it.
they would get mad and push him down. then i'd get mad and yell at them. and teddy would get mad cause she was taking a nap and we woke her up. and our neighbor Mrs. Anderson who is out in her yard would call the police. and we would get in trouble.
that happened over and over. but the police part only happened once. the other times Mrs. Anderson just threatened to call the police.
i got tired of that happening so i decided to go to the park with James. i did not tell anyone. just got up and left. teddy had fallen asleep again and the twins would just do that unison thing to me.
the park was just a couple blocks away. so i got there in a couple minutes. James saw a baby swing open so i pushed him til he started saying " slide, slide". i took him up there then went back down and yelled, "go"!
he went down the slide quick and when he was down he saw his favorite dog. a Yorkshire named Trixie. he loves her. he goes to over to her owners home at least once a day. i do a trick with Trixie. and James laughs his pants off.
he reached out to me to take him to Trixie. so i took him to her. she jumped up to him right away. i gabbed a carrot i had brought for a snack. i gave half of it to James and the other to Trixie. Trixie owner Bubba Chris his nick name. he is eleven like me. he is actually kinda cute. he goes to church with me and last year was in my class. i hope he is my classes next year. at least one.i'll sit by him. he's my best friend. he invited me us over to his house.
i said yes as long as we can have cookies. he said okay. so we headed to his house.
as soon as we got there i said "we better hurry we've been gone a long time".so he grabbed the cookies and milk. and we started eating. then James spilled his milk. so we cleaned it up and then we had to i took a cookie for me, james, teddy , lulu, lucy ,mom and dad. then i grabbed james and we left.
as soon as we got back to our house i knew something was wrong. there was police officers everywhere. my mom was talking to one of the police officers. i wentover to her and said " hi mom".
the police officer said , " is that her?"?
and my mom answered " no. wait yes! yes it is!"
she ran over to me with anger in her eyes. i realized this was a time to play sick.
"mom i dont feel too good", i said with my hands over my stomach. it really was starting to hurt. so it wasn't like i was lying.
"okay just take james to his room and you go to yours." she said through slit teeth.
i did exactly that. i realized if i was gonna get in trouble i better do sokething nice. so i went to james room and changed his diaper. then put his favorite pajamas on him.
in case that was not enough i gave mom and dad an extra half of my cookie. and wrote a quick note that said,
i ♥ u! i hope u ♥ me 2!
then i ran back to my room. i heard mom and dad talking about what happened. so i decided to got to sleep. i would not really though. id pretend that i was. its a trick learned from teddy. one time she was in trouble for being out way past her curfew. she snuck in through her window. and layed in her bed. she pretended to snore even though she does not usually.
they came in and sat on my bed. then i knew it was not gonna work. dad shook me "awake."
"honey wake up we need to talk to you." said mom
" what about"?i asked
"where were you today?"dad asked
"well i went to bubbas' and to the park."
"okay well did you know we were going crazy looking for you?" mom asked.
" no i didn't," i answered.
"can you tell us why you didn't tell anyone where you were going?" dad asked me.
" well i was going to tell teddy but she had fallen asleep. and lucy and lulu would just do that chorus thing to me" i answered.
" okay that is a good answer, " dad said looking confused.
" your still in trouble you know that right?" mom asked.
' yeah but why? i didn't know i was doing anything wrong," i said.
" how about this you cant go to bubbas' tomorrow?" dad asked.
" okay can he come here?"i asked.
" well tomorrow is sunday so i dont know." dad replied
" can i go to sleep now"? i asked
" yeah" dad said back.
then they hugged me and left. it was a pretty weird day.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

my story

chapter one the "suprise"
when mom and dad called us in for a family meeting i knew something was wrong. they only call us in for family home evening.and when they call us in for that it is bad enough. the lasttwo times they called us in fora family meeting theey were going to have a baby. the "baby turned out to be twins. twin girls to be exact.a year later they announed we were moving. to idaho falls from a small town named hereford in texas. back to the story. they called us in, and i was the one that had to gather everyone since noone ever comes. i went upstairs to get my sister teddy. who is sixteen. i know for a fact she and her boy friend is in a fight. sp shes probaly on the phone chattin away about how life is not fair. " TEDDY!" i screamed " family meeting now!" " okay i will be down in a minute", she yelled back. next was the twins lucy and lulu. they are five. for some reason they get the biggest room. i still have not figured that out. and im a genius at math. "lucy, lulu get in the living room. family meeting," i said. "okay okay just go away", they said in unison. they practice that. i know that. i can hear them in their room. hey wait a minute i told you about everyone in my family except me.( and one other person.) i'm eleven and my name is holly noelle parks. that's all you need to know. last i needed to get james. the two year old.he is probaly my favorite sibling.or really just sisters. i hope i get at least one more brother. he was taking a "nap". or laying down in his crib looking at the fan.
first to get his attention i had to turn off the fan. then i just reach in his crib and take him out. and just carry him downstairs.
"okay so what are you guys telling us, that is so important you just had to call a family meeting", teddy said rudely.
"well we're going on vacation," dad replied.
"where to?" i asked anxiously.
" to salt lake city,"said mom.
" for how long?" lulu asked.
" wait why are we going to salt lake we've been there before. that's not really a vacation we've been there before."
" well we'll be going to to general con ference while we're there, mom aswered.
"NOOOOOO!!" we all screamed in unison.
" yay! said james. like we were going to disney land.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i will post more tomorrow itis late and i am tired and i have homework and have to take a shower
my hobbies are dancing, gymnatsics, reading, and writing stories. i have started about five stories and finished one.some of them the reason i stopped was they were so boring well they were good stories but the way i wrote them was terrible. and so i stopped. i have an idea for two more one i have the prologue and the other the title.i start writing then i guess i get bored and stop writing them. i am writing a church is mainly about a girl who is eleven and named holly noelle what i was probaly going to be named. the first chapter is called a suprise and since they are a church family their vacation is going to be to yes general conference. in october. the second chapter is about she and her little brother named one of my favorite names in the world James! he is two and she gets sick of being annoyed by her sisters so she goes to the park with James (her favorite sibling) and she gets bored of the park so she goes to her best friend bubba s' house and they make cookies. then she realizes she had been gone a while so she says she better go. she gets back to her house and guess what there are police cars everywhere. and you wont believe this they thought she was missing and James of course. so she puts her extra cookies on her parents pillows and soon they come into her room and give her punishment and that is the second chapter. the third chapter is as far as i got so i will tell you about it i guess. she is called into another family meeting and they say they bought the old restaurant that was for sell. taco shack. but they have to go fix it up. and thats as far as i bye bye

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the poll

you remember the poll who likes liver , spinach , brussell sprouts? well the winner is i dont like any of them! that is the one i voted for nine times.the other poll will be finished to where you cant vote any more in six days. so hurry up and vote!i am writing a new story it is a fiction book of true storys. there is another one i started writing it is called my best friend is a ghost! i have started writing alot of stories but i dont think i finished one of them. i have a friend named paulina who writes stories that are way better. she actually finishes them! well i better go. bye

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

stupid elections!

last night i went to our school carnival and i had been running for principal for the day. and people were being really mean. one person named hannah mcclain ( bluh i cant even stand to type her name) said to me when she looked in the voting box she only saw one with my name on it. well i was okay for a while until i thought about it then i started crying.then i stopped and started playing games again then this boy at one of the games i went to said " katy your not gonna win." that just brought back the tears. that jerkface was named connor laeman. yep hes pretty lame. one of my friends made hannah mcclain ( eww gross!) say sorry to me. she made up some lie about it though. but i did not win its a good thing too because one of my friends promised my math teacher a raise if i won! so its kind of a good thing. but the boy that did win , won because of he promised extra recess. and so if he does not do that i an gonna complain.we were not supposed to promise anything! if we were allowed to then i would have given every one recess for the entire day! and the worst thing is that the main reason he won was because he is popular. well that put a stop to student elections for me!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

us going loopy

since i dont get to see them very much i made this video of us.

trip to california

it might be a little late to post about this... but here are some pics and captions from is our giant tv in our room.and the sea we saw a seal and i was trying to get a picture of it.

i ♥ blind side!

i ♥ blind side so much it is the best movie ever! i watched it last night and i am watching it right now. i love it so much! i tried not to cry cause i did not want to look like a fool. if you are bored watch this movie if you can. and if you want to know how to type a heart hold down alt and press three. it has to be on the keypad. also you can do combinations of different numbers.gotta go.