Thursday, April 22, 2010

my story

chapter one the "suprise"
when mom and dad called us in for a family meeting i knew something was wrong. they only call us in for family home evening.and when they call us in for that it is bad enough. the lasttwo times they called us in fora family meeting theey were going to have a baby. the "baby turned out to be twins. twin girls to be exact.a year later they announed we were moving. to idaho falls from a small town named hereford in texas. back to the story. they called us in, and i was the one that had to gather everyone since noone ever comes. i went upstairs to get my sister teddy. who is sixteen. i know for a fact she and her boy friend is in a fight. sp shes probaly on the phone chattin away about how life is not fair. " TEDDY!" i screamed " family meeting now!" " okay i will be down in a minute", she yelled back. next was the twins lucy and lulu. they are five. for some reason they get the biggest room. i still have not figured that out. and im a genius at math. "lucy, lulu get in the living room. family meeting," i said. "okay okay just go away", they said in unison. they practice that. i know that. i can hear them in their room. hey wait a minute i told you about everyone in my family except me.( and one other person.) i'm eleven and my name is holly noelle parks. that's all you need to know. last i needed to get james. the two year old.he is probaly my favorite sibling.or really just sisters. i hope i get at least one more brother. he was taking a "nap". or laying down in his crib looking at the fan.
first to get his attention i had to turn off the fan. then i just reach in his crib and take him out. and just carry him downstairs.
"okay so what are you guys telling us, that is so important you just had to call a family meeting", teddy said rudely.
"well we're going on vacation," dad replied.
"where to?" i asked anxiously.
" to salt lake city,"said mom.
" for how long?" lulu asked.
" wait why are we going to salt lake we've been there before. that's not really a vacation we've been there before."
" well we'll be going to to general con ference while we're there, mom aswered.
"NOOOOOO!!" we all screamed in unison.
" yay! said james. like we were going to disney land.

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