Friday, April 23, 2010

chapter two

fun in the sun
chapter two
" at least we get to have some fun before we go to Salt Lake in October." said teddy
she was laying on a lawn chair in some shorts and an undershirt. it's summer now. during that meeting it was may.lulu and Lucy were trying to make a sandcastle. i don't think it is gonna work though. because there using grass. everything they would get a couple inches high James would sit on it.
they would get mad and push him down. then i'd get mad and yell at them. and teddy would get mad cause she was taking a nap and we woke her up. and our neighbor Mrs. Anderson who is out in her yard would call the police. and we would get in trouble.
that happened over and over. but the police part only happened once. the other times Mrs. Anderson just threatened to call the police.
i got tired of that happening so i decided to go to the park with James. i did not tell anyone. just got up and left. teddy had fallen asleep again and the twins would just do that unison thing to me.
the park was just a couple blocks away. so i got there in a couple minutes. James saw a baby swing open so i pushed him til he started saying " slide, slide". i took him up there then went back down and yelled, "go"!
he went down the slide quick and when he was down he saw his favorite dog. a Yorkshire named Trixie. he loves her. he goes to over to her owners home at least once a day. i do a trick with Trixie. and James laughs his pants off.
he reached out to me to take him to Trixie. so i took him to her. she jumped up to him right away. i gabbed a carrot i had brought for a snack. i gave half of it to James and the other to Trixie. Trixie owner Bubba Chris his nick name. he is eleven like me. he is actually kinda cute. he goes to church with me and last year was in my class. i hope he is my classes next year. at least one.i'll sit by him. he's my best friend. he invited me us over to his house.
i said yes as long as we can have cookies. he said okay. so we headed to his house.
as soon as we got there i said "we better hurry we've been gone a long time".so he grabbed the cookies and milk. and we started eating. then James spilled his milk. so we cleaned it up and then we had to i took a cookie for me, james, teddy , lulu, lucy ,mom and dad. then i grabbed james and we left.
as soon as we got back to our house i knew something was wrong. there was police officers everywhere. my mom was talking to one of the police officers. i wentover to her and said " hi mom".
the police officer said , " is that her?"?
and my mom answered " no. wait yes! yes it is!"
she ran over to me with anger in her eyes. i realized this was a time to play sick.
"mom i dont feel too good", i said with my hands over my stomach. it really was starting to hurt. so it wasn't like i was lying.
"okay just take james to his room and you go to yours." she said through slit teeth.
i did exactly that. i realized if i was gonna get in trouble i better do sokething nice. so i went to james room and changed his diaper. then put his favorite pajamas on him.
in case that was not enough i gave mom and dad an extra half of my cookie. and wrote a quick note that said,
i ♥ u! i hope u ♥ me 2!
then i ran back to my room. i heard mom and dad talking about what happened. so i decided to got to sleep. i would not really though. id pretend that i was. its a trick learned from teddy. one time she was in trouble for being out way past her curfew. she snuck in through her window. and layed in her bed. she pretended to snore even though she does not usually.
they came in and sat on my bed. then i knew it was not gonna work. dad shook me "awake."
"honey wake up we need to talk to you." said mom
" what about"?i asked
"where were you today?"dad asked
"well i went to bubbas' and to the park."
"okay well did you know we were going crazy looking for you?" mom asked.
" no i didn't," i answered.
"can you tell us why you didn't tell anyone where you were going?" dad asked me.
" well i was going to tell teddy but she had fallen asleep. and lucy and lulu would just do that chorus thing to me" i answered.
" okay that is a good answer, " dad said looking confused.
" your still in trouble you know that right?" mom asked.
' yeah but why? i didn't know i was doing anything wrong," i said.
" how about this you cant go to bubbas' tomorrow?" dad asked.
" okay can he come here?"i asked.
" well tomorrow is sunday so i dont know." dad replied
" can i go to sleep now"? i asked
" yeah" dad said back.
then they hugged me and left. it was a pretty weird day.

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