Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my hobbies are dancing, gymnatsics, reading, and writing stories. i have started about five stories and finished one.some of them the reason i stopped was they were so boring well they were good stories but the way i wrote them was terrible. and so i stopped. i have an idea for two more one i have the prologue and the other the title.i start writing then i guess i get bored and stop writing them. i am writing a church is mainly about a girl who is eleven and named holly noelle what i was probaly going to be named. the first chapter is called a suprise and since they are a church family their vacation is going to be to yes general conference. in october. the second chapter is about she and her little brother named one of my favorite names in the world James! he is two and she gets sick of being annoyed by her sisters so she goes to the park with James (her favorite sibling) and she gets bored of the park so she goes to her best friend bubba s' house and they make cookies. then she realizes she had been gone a while so she says she better go. she gets back to her house and guess what there are police cars everywhere. and you wont believe this they thought she was missing and James of course. so she puts her extra cookies on her parents pillows and soon they come into her room and give her punishment and that is the second chapter. the third chapter is as far as i got so i will tell you about it i guess. she is called into another family meeting and they say they bought the old restaurant that was for sell. taco shack. but they have to go fix it up. and thats as far as i bye bye

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