Tuesday, March 16, 2010

we got back from grandmas and here is what we did there.well first we learned how to play skip-bo .then we went to the other building. and soon we were going loopy.we talked about harry potter puppet pals they are awesome.and while we were going loopy we were watching a movie talking about boys. then on monday we played skip-bo and ate food. then we ate then we did the best thing of all... make overs! lexy insisted on doing hers last. so she did brittneys first. then brittney did mine. lexy did her own lipstick and looked like the joker.it was so weird. oh and yesterday i learned that i am gonna turn into a brown and green liger, my new name is gonna be potato, i will have a pet goat 20 kids and i will live in a shack... hopefully a big one!!

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