Thursday, June 3, 2010

remembering first grade sad and happy times

i remember n first grade when this boy would chase around one of my best friends everyday and i got sick of it so i made a deal that if i beat him in a race that he would stop chasing her around.but instead of racing him i had to race his friend named mark i was wearing my high heeled boots that day so.... then i was racing him and he fell down! it was weird i didnt stop because i thought he was tricking and if i leaned over to help him get up he would pull me down and i would be hurt so he could win the race. then i thought it was the other way around. i got to the finish line just as the teacher said line up and i was way ahead! i won but the sad thing was that as soon as i got to the end the person i was originally going to race was waiting for me and he pushed me down. so then i cried but he ended up getting put in first grade detention. so while i got to go out for a second recess he had to go in and stare at the wall for ten minutes ..... which was all of our recess. so decide for yourself is this a good memory or a bad? or both?

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  1. hey i remember that! he was soooooo stupid!he pretended to tie me to a pole so i couldn't get away.stupid right?! and he would hurt you and my other bf's just to keep me to himself! he even tryed to kiss me! i know, i still have nightmares about him!hehhehe just kidding1 sooo glad he got held behind!8)