Saturday, June 19, 2010

my weirdesst but best dream ever

so last night we went to see the movie prince of Persia and toy story 3 it was way good! when the movies were over we went back home and i fell asleep right away and i remember having the the weirdest but best dream ever ..... well to me anyway. there's this pretty famous author and he came to my school not in real life but i mean in the dream and he read us a story and then me and this other kid got to ride in his car. the authors name in Gorden forman and he took us in his car then he said werent not going home but he meant to the school. then ( this is the best part) i said "im getting kidnapped by a famous author this awesome!" then he stopped the car and the other kid got out and called the police when he got so far. but then i asked Gorden why he was kidnapping me or kind of us and he said ( this is the second best part) " i don't get to tell my real feelings to anyone". and i said " okay drive around for five more minutes then take me back". and he said " well why don't you go first?" and i told him all of the normal stuff then we saw tons of police cars and he stopped and got arrested. maybe this sounds like i have some kidnapped disease but i said" no dont he just never gets to express his true feelings to anyone." then everyone in our family was saying how they were gonna sew him and blah and i said the same things over again then i woke up. but the thing i just realized is he still never got to express his true feelings to anyone.

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  1. Katy! I love you!!! you're so sweet! I miss you like crazy!!