Sunday, May 16, 2010

top 11 things to do in summer

  1. buy some sunglasses that are crazy! go around town and see how many people will take pictures of you.
  2. clean out the attic and all the stuff in there use it in a fashion show.and sense it will be old you will have to get some medicine for the allergy's that everyone has.
  3. write a letter to some stranger across town if they write back keep writing maybe. if they don't choose some other stranger.
  4. if you're older choose some movie that you loved when you were a kid . see if it is still the same.
  5. go to someones house and help them clean. if they dont pay you too bad! it was volunteering! you aren't supposed to get payed!
  6. make a summer scrapbook. put in everything.
  7. go camping in your backyard. if you hate camping camp in your house just dont call it camping call it being stranded on an island inside your house.
  8. catch fireflies in a jar. dont forget to name them. and remember if you love something let it go!
  9. start a cool collection. it doesn't matter what you collect just collect something.
  10. keep a diary tell about what fun you had that day, what bad things that happened that day,and the boring things that happened.
  11. visit your sister heathers house!

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